Site Survey Tip #2

Performing site surveys can sometimes be a long and repetitive task. I have been thinking of putting some tips/jokes together to help other WLAN pros make it more interesting!

Tip #2 – Wear Work Boots!

Sometimes it is required by the client to wear boots because you will need to survey areas where wearing boots are required. Personally I now wear work boots every time I am performing a site survey. Here is why:

One day, as I was stopping in front of a door to click on the survey program to indicate my location, someone opened the door and my laptop (and everything attached to it) almost fell on the ground. 
We usually use a bunch of precious and expensive tools to perform our site surveys and it is important to protect them.

This is why I wear the work boots. When i find myself in the same situation of having to stop in front of door to click on the survey software, I use my boots to make sure that, if someone opens the door, the door will hit my boot instead of my computer. (see picture bellow)

This is a simple tip but I hope it will help others.

Site Survey Tip #1


​François Vergès

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